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Not every divorce is the same. This is why we have a variety of divorce packages specifically taylored to your individual needs. We have a divorce package for every circumstance imaginable. Below are our most commonly used divorce packages.

Quick Waiver Divorce

In most states your spouse can simply sign a waiver and be done with it. By signing a waiver your spouse will never have to appear in court.

Summons Divorce

In EVERY STATE you can finalize a cheap divorce even if your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers. This is accomplished by having your spouse legally served with the divorce papers and a summons. Call and ask us about the summons divorce package.

Missing Spouse

If you have been unable to locate your spouse, you can still finalize your divorce by publishing a legal notice in the newspaper. Ask us about the publication divorce.

Our Service is Superior

Each customer gets one-on-one personal service by a real paralegal. We don't use forms that are computer generated. Our paralegals work directly with you to ensure that all of the terms for your divorce are correctly stated in your divorce forms. Check out our ratings on Facebook, Google, and the Better Business Buero!

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