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Uncontested Divorces

All uncontested divorces are professionally prepared by paralegals using the latest court-approved forms for your state. If you and your spouse are in agreement with the terms for your divorce, you can usually get your divorce finalized much faster by filing it yourself. If your spouse will sign and consent to the divorce, you can usually get the divorce finalized without your spouse having to appear in court. The grounds for divorce vary state by state. In most states your divorce can be finalized on a no-fault ground such as incompatibility, irreconcilable differences, or because you have been separated from your spouse for a certain length of time. For questions about the grounds for divorce, filing fees, and and waiting periods in your state, call and speak to one of our paralegals today 1-800-503-5919.

Missing Spouse (or Divorce by Publication)

If you have made a diligent attempt to locate your spouse and have been unable to do so, in most states you can obtain a "divorce by publication". This requires publishing a legal notice in the newspaper in the county that your divorce filed in.

We also provide legal document preparation services for:
child custody petitions, petitions to establish child support, answering a divorce, and expunging criminal records .


What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce generally means that both parties are in agreement with the terms for their divorce. An uncontested divorce may also occur when the other party is served with divorce papers and does not respond in writing. In some cases an uncontested divorce may be finalized without the other spouses signature. For more information on whether your divorce is uncontested call and speak with one of our divorce specialist today 1-800-503-5919

Can I file an uncontested divorce if I have minor children?

Yes. If you and your spouse both agree on child custody, child support, and parenting obligations, you may file an uncontested divorce.

Does child support have to be included in an uncontested divorce?<\p>

In most states child support does not have to be included unless one or both parties request that it be paid. Most states allow couples to deviate from child support guidelines if there is a joint custody agreement, or it is in the best interest of the child. If you have questions call and speak with one of our divorce specialist today. Consultations are free. 1-800-503-5919

What if my spouse will not sign the divorce papers? What can I do?

By using the service divorce package you may be able to file and finalize your divorce without your spouses signature. If your spouse is legally served with divorce papers and does not respond in writing or through an attorney within 30-60 days, the divorce can be finalized by default and without your spouse`s signature. The service divorce is usually successful if your spouse is incarcerated, or otherwise unable to hire a lawyer. For more information about the service divorce call and speak with a divorce specialist today 1-800-503-5919

What information do I need to get started?

To view our online questionnaire click on the Start Now button above. You may view our questionnaire without making a payment. Social security numbers are not required.

What if I cannot locate my spouse? What if I cannot serve my spouse with divorce papers?

If you don`t know where your spouse is located, or if your spouse is refusing to accept service, most states allow you to serve your spouse by publication of a legal notice in the newspaper. For more information call and speak with one of our divorce specialist today 1-800-503-5919.

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