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Since 2012 Ready Divorce Service has been providing affordable and reliable online uncontested divorce preparation service for residents in all 50 states. By using our cheap uncontested divorce service, you are able to file and finalize your own cheap divorce quickly, and without the high costs of an attorney. We make the uncontested divorce process simple and affordable. We provide detailed step-by step filing instructions, and we offer support through the process. Ask us about the Waiver divorce, which may allow your divorce to be filed and finalized in the county in which you reside, and without your spouse having to be physically present or appear in court. Start your cheap divorce today!

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Our paralegals custom prepare your cheap divorce documents and deliver them to you by e-mail within three-five business days! Your uncontested divorce documents are professionally prepared by paralegals using the latest court-approved forms for your county and state. Our documents are attorney-approved and are Guaranteed to be accepted by the Court or your money back! Start your cheap uncontested divorce online today! Ask about our fast Waiver divorce!

Circumstances may compell couples to get a cheap divorce even though they dont want one. We specialize in special circumstances divorces. Our paralegals and friendly divorce specialists are available to help you file and finalize your divorce quickly and painlessly.

You can save alot of money by filing your own cheap uncontested divorce papers. By using our service all you have to do is sign your divorce papers, file them, and then appear at your scheduled court hearing to finalize your divorce! Getting an uncontested divorce really is that simple- even if you have minor children!

Our Most Popular Cheap Uncontested Divorce Packages

Waiver Divorce Package

Our Waiver Divorce Package is by far our most popular divorce package. Most states allow a spouse to file and finalize a divorce without the other spouse having to appear in court. The waiver divorce is preferable if one spouse resides in another state, or resides in a diferrent county. After filing your divorce petition, you can simply mail the Waiver to your spouse to sign and mail back to you. If you have questions about the waiver divorce give us a call at 1-800-503-5919 or click on the call us button below

Service Divorce Package

Our service divorce package allows one spouse to finalize their divorce without the other spouse`s signature. This is accomplished by having your spouse served with a Summons. If your spouse doesn`t hire an attorney to contest the divorce within 20 days of being served, your divorce can be finalized by default- without your spouse`s signature. The service divorce package is ideal of your spouse is incarcerated or is financially incapable of hiring a lawyer.

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